Amount transferred from GDAX BUT NOT reflected in Litecoin core wallet

I had transferred 7.900000000 (LTC Amount) From GDAX account, at 12:07:47 pm, on Feb 18,2018

Wallet info: L TyknLPQPRhPpud3xptewcF2CS8yevhWtd

Amount or balance NOT indicated on my Litecoin Core Wallet.

Please help!

I have the same issue. Sent .5 from GDax and no problem. Then sent the rest and it hasn’t shown up. Any help out there?

The same thing happened to me. I sent at 1012 and still haven’t received anything. last night i sent a small amount and that came through but not the rest.

Two observations:

First: why does your wallet info have a space after the L
Second: some transactions today are very slow, out of the 4 Litecoin transactions I made today, one of them took 90 minutes

I used the same wallet info (with a space after L) for another smaller transaction and that came through.

Hi guys!

The correct amount has been sent to my litecoin core wallet since! It was delayed for many hours, but am glad it’s sorted out now.