Accidentally sent LTC to BTC wallet address Coinbase

So I was wanting to transfer my ltc to btc and what i did was send my ltc to the address that came up for the btc wallet in coinbase. I have gotten a lot of confirmations that this went through but nothing is in my bitcoin wallet or litecoin wallet in coinbase. At this point, I knew that i did everything wrong and now i show that that transaction is in something called “Block Cypher”. I have no idea what this is and i just want my money back. Is there anything i can do to either cancel this transactions or recover my money that i incorrectly sent? Im a beginner and made this stupid mistake. Please help, any responses are appreciated!

Im not sure if this matter but i would like to note that i did not setup any digital wallet before this transaction but i did create a digital wallet afterwards in attempt to recover coins but didnt have any luck or i wasnt doing it correctly.

Coinbase voice support should take a call on this…talk to a rep (was talking to a rep yesterday my bank changed names but also changed routing number for bank…thus coinbase freaked)

They should talk to you via voice on this, once you get thru the choices menu

I remember however, that EVER TIME I do a crypto transaction for any coin and the wallet comes up it says be sure that you are putting in the right crypto address or all funds are lost

just saying, good luck with voice support


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Thank you for your response, I did email coinbase and they mentioned that there is nothing they can do because of that warning signed you mentioned. I was careless and will learn from this experience lol. Thanks again!

well…not sure…but if you sent LTC to a BTC wallet it might bounce back to an internal LTC wallet on coinbase…not sure if you have access to that or not…but may pay to look back and see…this may take

2 weeks to bounce (or so I heard)…then approach coinbase again…if such seems to have happened

I assume you have the BTC address? maybe there is proof of a bounce…if so it should bounce back

to the LTC address sent from…with that you could then approach coinbase again

or the stuff you sent might not be worth the effort (hopefully on your part that is true)



Let me know if you were able to recover the ltc you transferred, if not I know someone who can help you with tracking your coins and getting them refunded back to you, you can email him on [email protected]

not so slam Ashley above, but don’t give your private keys to anyone in this attempt.

sorry, Ashley, Newbie accounts don’t ya know :slight_smile: