Accidentally sent LTC to BTC on Ledger Nano

I know I’m not the first to do this dumb mistake. Please help!

you need to post more details to get help.

start with the addresses use,
explain from where you send the coins.

that’s a good start I think

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OK. I sent LTC from my coinbase account to my Ledger nano before setting it up for LTC with Ledger manager. I sent it to be received as BTC. Coinbase and Blockcypher have confirmed the transaction. I searched the forum and found the 10 step process posted by Coinlite 1 on how to recover the LTC using Litecoin-qt. I am not sure how to get my personal key from my wallet to start the process

Oops, big mistake. You are in luck since both of the accounts were yours. If you were to send it to someone else, then you were doomed. I guess now you can get them back with those 10 steps but you are gonna have to pay.

Sorry I don’t understand. I thought if I have my private key then I should be able to recover my light coin’s. I’m new to all this please explain what I would have to pay.

It’s not light coin, it’s Litecoin. Okay, I told you to follow the 10 steps you were talking about. I’m not sure what those steps are but I think they will work for you. Give it a try, it’s been two weeks and you still didn’t do a thing.