Accidentally sent ETC to my ETH wallet in Jaxx( REWARD)

I made a withdrawal from poloniex into my jaxx wallet in the amount of 10.95 ETC. Into this address
0xcdfd47c275a5aad3c853fff80bae6d12f57d43fe which is the ETH account. I tried the different wallet private key trick but couldn’t get it to work. Can someone help? It’s not about the money just for my own peace of mind!

I can help. I helped another user a while back with this exact same scenario. If you click my avatar and then click “Activity” it should show you all of my previous posts (admittedly some more colorful than others).

Anyhow can you check there and let me know if that solves it for you? What you want to do, in a nutshell, is get your ETH private key for 0xcdfd47c275a5aad3c853fff80bae6d12f57d43fe, and then use that to move the coins to the correct address on the ETC blockchain.

Keep in mind that ETH and ETC are the same as far as addresses and public/private keys go, they’re just different blockchains.

If you get stuck, send me a PM and I can knock it out for you easy enough.

The first thing I read on this forum was the posting on March 185th by the coffeedrinker guy or whatever his name is. And I’m having trouble using one of the 3 private keys that ETH has. I don’t think I’m setting up the wallet correctly. And some day that it can’t be done unless u had a previous wallet that was open pre fork. That can be paired

If you obtain the private key for your ETH address, you can actually use it on the ETC blockchain. It basically all boils down to just getting ahold of the private key for the address that has the coins and ‘using’ it on the blockchain that has the coins at that address.

Here is what I used to help the other guy:

What I did, was took his ETH private key and used this URL (above) to send the coins back to his regular ETC address. I was able to do this because the private key represents the same address on both blockchains (regardless of pre-fork and post-fork).

Let me know if this makes sense.

So I put in the private key receipt the wallet the put in the proper address and send. But this part I don’t get at the decrypted wallet is showing a balance of zero

Ok yes, I double-checked this and completely agree:

Can you double-check poloniex and get the transaction ID for me please? According to the ETC blockchain there are indeed no transactions for this address.


Ah ok, so it was just the block explorer that I was using that could not see it.

I do see it here:
(disregard the SSL error…looks like whoever owns this one doesn’t feel like paying for certificates…)

The next thing I would try to do at this point, would be to try to load your ETH private key into a ETC wallet client. Does Jaxx have an ETC “import private key” feature?

I just wanted to double-check, when you used the classicetherwallet URL, you entered the private key for the ETH address correct?

I realize the natural tendency may be to export the private key for the ETC address and use that, versus this scenario where we’d explicitly want to use the ETH private key.

I only used the ETH key. But the are 3 of them. Does it matter which one is used?

I believe so, yes. Feel free to try each one.

Hey man, same ■■■■ just happened to me and JAXX was no help at all did you get it straightened out? Im trying to get my ETC back as well!!! :slight_smile:

Hey man, same ■■■■ just happened to me and JAXX was no help at all did you get it straightened out? Im trying to get my ETC back

Hi, same thing happened with me, did you ever get it back?