A small introduction about the Enjin Wallet

Enjin Wallet is a multi-currency mobile crypto wallet available for Apple and Android devices. The wallet is meant to make it easy to manage all of your crypto holdings in one location, with support for over 700 digital currencies and a simple user interface. Enjin now allows you to store ERC721 and ERC1155 blockchain-based gaming collectibles, thanks to a September 2018 update.

The Enjin Smart Wallet attempts to turn your smartphone into a hardware-like wallet, with a focus on security. It gives you complete control over your private keys at all times and includes many crucial security features, which we’ll go over in further depth later in this review. You can also build, import, track, and use an unlimited number of wallets, as well as divide your cash among other accounts for simpler management.

Is the Enjin Wallet safe?

Enjin wallet’s security comprises many distinguishing high-quality characteristics. One of them is the secure keyboard, which you’ve already encountered. It also includes the ability to randomize the keys for added security.

To wrap up the Enjin wallet, I can say that if you’re always on the go and use your phone for pretty much everything, this is the crypto software for you. It’s small, safe, and can handle a large number of coins and tokens. The three built-in exchanges expand your trading possibilities even further. It’s also an excellent tool for beginners, with a simple and intuitive UI.

An again, the same all-around mistake, NO desktop wallet. Unbelievable.

I have not heard about it before. Thanks for letting us know. I may not use it now, but surely I will keep my eyes on its reputation and what other users say about it.

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Yes, it’s safe I believe. ENJ is one of the biggest players in the gaming and NFT space. I use their wallet, no issues.

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The platform offers Ethereum based token, ZeroEx, Litecoin, Bitcoin and Enjin Coins. However, the team specially designed it to support the coins running on the ERC-20 protocol to receive the token from ICOs. Enjin accepts multiple coins the same as other crypto wallets such as Jaxx, Coinomi, etc.

Not heard of it before thanks for sharing and letting us no