4 x Antminer L3+ For Sale


I am in Perth, Western Australia and have 4xL3+ with power supplies all ready to go on offer.

Make me an offer in LTC, I know what I am getting mining and know what they are worth to me, make me an offer for all four in LTC and if it is over my break even I will sell them.

Your price will be for the units, if successful I will advise shipping and insurance costs based on location, but could be up to 5 LTC each (or more) depending where you are and how you want them shipped.

Alternatively you can pick them up in Perth, or pay me to hand deliver them. I can get to most places in the world return for 10-20 LTC, depends.

Units still have 150-160 days factory warranty depending on unit.

Genuine reason for selling them - I have to work my regular job month on and month off all of a sudden and I can’t be there to do the small routine maintenance items and can’t really afford any to be idle for up to a month until I get home again.

Other option is to pay someone to look after them when I am away but that erodes profit and they would be better going to someone that can look after them.

If no offers suitable then I will just keep mining with them and wear the extra costs, will decide on the 9th September or earlier for the right offer.

You can use an Australian escrow service of your choice at your cost. Or make payment up front, I will supply a copy of my passport and other verification details before you send LTC for security.

Send offers to bluelemonadel3forsale@gmail.com

Hi sent you an email. I’m in Perth as well and would be interested in buying