2330 storj want to trade for litecoin or any top 10 coin ! Will pay any exchange fees please contact jerryesters1210@gmail.com

Want to swap my storj for lite or any other top ten contact jerry at jerryesters1210@gmail.com.

you can go to bittrex.com and trade storj for bitcoin then bitcoin for litecoin

Bittex isbin coinswitch and they sell it but dont buy it or exchange it.

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I sell storj for bitcoin all the time on bittrex buy it too

heres a list of all the exchanges you can trade storj on:

no one is going to trade with you over a forum…we all trade on exchanges and you should too…otherwise (unless using escrow) everyone is going to think your trying to rip them off…

you can send it to my bittrex wallet and I can exchange it for bitcoin and then for litecoin…I just logged into my bittrex account and storj is working fine…click generate new address after you click the plus button to deposit