10 Reasons why Litecoin is Better than its Bitcoin Bro

      • Faster
      • Cheaper
      • Easier to mine
      • More decentralized
      • Less political
      • More transparent
      • Known creator/ mentor
      • Psychologically lower unit price
      • Optional Bitcoin upgrades
      • More creative/ experiential upgrades.

Would you care to add anything more?


MimbleWimble & Lightning (2nd layer solutions being implemented first here)

The community, seen a lot more serious and approachable people here than any other online crypto community.

It has been around since the early days of this technology, survived multiple bear markets, and is trusted by merchants and payement processors

Minable Proof of Work coin on a permissionless blockchain running Scrypt (less intense than SHA256)

Thanks to all the devs behind LTC


Haha, good list, agree))


Litecoin to moon :rocket: :rocket: