0 of 6 Confirmations after 7 days

Hello all, I downloaded the blockchain and I am now current. I have LTC that I am trying to transfer to Coinbase. All seemed well except the confirmations are stuck at 0. What do you think the problem is? Thanks

Did you include any transactions fees?

Hello, I tried it twice. The first one no. The second one very little. How much should I give for transfering 50LTC? Right clicking does not allow me to cancel the transaction I am using version 4.8.5. What do you think I should do? Thanks

upgrade to the latest client version and then send the coins with the suggested transactions fee.
then it should work in nearly no time.

Thanks. It worked. How do I get LTC off of a Paper Wallet?

You can import the private key into a wallet, or sweep:

OK great. Thanks. If I change my mind and want to send some coins from my QT wallet back to a paper wallet, is there any problem with that? Thanks

No problem. Sure, you can send coins back to the paper wallet’s address at any time.