0.6 LTC were sent to my new wallet address but my balance still 0.000 :(

Good morning friends,
Please HELP me with that.
I’ve downloaded the latest version of LTC software and created a new wallet.
Now there was 0.6 LTC sent yesterday to my new wallet (address), but nothing was received !
Still the Available, Pending and Total is 0.00000000 LTC.
I can see at the bottom this message (5 years and 9 weeks behind), is there any relation between this and my non received LTC mined amount ?
Thanks for your attention and your help.

Yes, there is a relationship between this and the 0 balance.

If you let your wallet synchronize and process all of the blocks, your 0.6 LTC will show up in your wallet. :thumbsup:

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Thanks for your help brother, my best wishes for you.

Any time :v:

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